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Posted by Hannako on Thursday March 18 ,2010
SD hair Salon :D
Posted by Hisoka on Sunday March 14 ,2010
Hey day light savings time change today, remember to change your times! Also, there are now two brand new sections in the image database section. Avatars and Hair Salon, enjoy!

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Basic Slam Dunk Info:

Series name: Slam Dunk
Series Starts: 10-16-1993
Series Ends: 3-26-1996
Creator: Inoue Takehiko
No. of episodes: 101
No. of Mangas/books: 31
No. of theme songs: 6
Extras: 4 OVAs, 1 Movie

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  • Inuyasha fans are invited to visit Inuyasha World dot com, a huge IY fan site made by a collaboration of Hisoka & Shippo!

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