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Slam Dunk II Rumoured to start production!!

Just a rumor? Or is it real? Fans here have been waiting forever....and here's the latest gossip of the Slam Dunk Sequel.

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We have here the largest collection of Slam Dunk information including detailed character profiles, images galleries, games stats, manga, merchandise, fanfictions, media goodies such as music, wallpapers and much much more! Everything you've ever wanted to find out about Slam Dunk are available here!
Basic Slam Dunk Info:
Series name: Slam Dunk
Series Starts: 10-16-1993
Series Ends: 3-26-1996
Creator: Inoue Takehiko
No. of episodes: 101
No. of Mangas/books: 31
No. of theme songs: 6
Extras: 4 OVAs, 1 Movie
Sticky Announcements:
Inuyasha fans are invited to visit Inuyasha World dot com, a huge IY fan site made by a collaboration of Hisoka & Shippo!

SD Production Team
Special Slam Dunk Features:

Site Admin Rory brings you The Kanagawa Sports Tribune Interviews, find out how your favorite SD characters behave outside of the anime.
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YouTube Special Videos - featuring Slam Dunk Theme songs, enjoy!
Slam Dunk - opening theme song
Slam Dunk - ending theme song
Slam Dunk - ending theme song II